Forests play an essential role in providing forest products and environmental services such as maintaining and regulating water resources, limiting soil erosion, regulating climate, mitigating natural disasters, and protecting biodiversity. Forests have brought many benefits to production and livelihood for millions of people, especially an essential foundation for the sustainable development of each country.

Sustainable forest management and forest certification aim to balance environmental protection goals, promote socio-economic development, and enhance the overall value that forests bring, ensuring forest resource management is sustainable for future generations. Implementation of sustainable forest management and forest certification demonstrates the responsibility of forest owners, organizations, and businesses for the country’s sustainable development and meeting the market’s increasing requirements in the use of forest products, especially in the fight against climate change.

VFCS is a national forest certification system endorsed by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). The Sustainable Forest Management Certification Office operates the VFCS to promote and ensure that we can all enjoy the environmental, social, and economic benefits that forests provide.

VFCO wishes and is ready to receive financial and technical support from organizations, businesses, and individuals to achieve the aforementioned goals. We commit that the resources that promote sustainable forest management and forest certification in Vietnam will be used efficiently and transparently. Supportive resources will focus on capacity support, improved standards and guidelines, and pilot models to maximize sustainable forest management’s economic, social, and environmental benefits from sustainable forest management. For details on donations and support, please contact VFCO.

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