Annoucement for the updated VFCS/PEFC standards and guidelines 2022

Vietnamese Forest Certification Office (VFCO) is a legal entity responsible for the management and operation of the Vietnam Forest Certification System (VFCS). VFCO has now been authorized by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) to manage and grant the right to use the PEFC label in Vietnam. Based on these changes and the changes of PEFC ST 2001, PEFC ST 2002 and PEFC ST 2003, VFCO has updated the standards and guidelines which include:

  1. VFCS/PEFC GD 1001:2019 (new document code: VFCS/PEFC GD 1001:2022) –Vietnam forest certification scheme – Description of the scheme and operation.
  2. VFCS/PEFC GD 1006:2019 (new document code: VFCS/PEFC ST1006:2022) – Requirements for certification bodies operating against the Vietnam forest certification scheme or PEFC CoC certificate.
  3. VFCS/PEFC GD 1007:2019 (new document code: VFCS/PEFC GD 1007:2022) – Notification procedures for certification bodies operating against the Vietnam Forest Certification Scheme.
  4. VFCS/PEFC ST 1008:2019 (new document code VFCS/PEFC ST 1008:2022) – VFCS and PEFC Trademarks Usage Rules – Requirement.
  5. VFCS/PEFC GD 1009:2019 (new document code: VFCS/PEFC GD 1009:2022) – Issuance of VFCS and PEFC Trademarks use licenses.
  6. VFCS/PEFC GD 1010:2019 (new document code: VFCS/PEFC GD 1010:2022) – Procedures for the resolution of complain and appeals.


Updated standards and guidelines are published here.

Respectfully announce


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