PEFC Week 2022

From November 14th to 18th, 2022, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification organized “PEFC Week 2022” in an online format. Participating in PEFC week were representatives of national forest certification systems of 55 countries, international members, and experts.

At the meetings during this time, the delegates have been updated and discussed the following issues: (1) PEFC’s activities in 2022; (2) PEFC’s strategies; (3) Membership fees and operating expenses; and (4) Electing additional members to the PEFC Council.

PEFC’s operational strategy in the coming years is discussed in detail with the participation of representatives of national and international forest certification systems to ensure PEFC continues to be a leading forest certification organization, bringing positive impacts, especially in response to climate change and emerging issues. Accordingly, PEFC’s strategy focuses on the following four directions: (1) Being a trusted organization in sustainable forest management and forest certification; (2) Demonstration of sustainability impacts; (3) Leading in innovation; and (4) Widely accepted by the market. Performance indicators (KPIs) to implement the above 4 orientations are drafted and will continue to be improved in the coming time.

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