Strategies for Sustainable Forest Management in the Asia Pacific Region

On October 24, 2022, the Asia Pacific meeting of PEFC Member countries (APAC HUB regional meeting) took place in Ho Chi Minh City. More than 30 delegates participated in this event directly and online, including PEFC member countries in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam), representatives of international organizations, PEFC members.

At the workshop, participants contributed ideas to APAC HUB Strategy for the period of 2023 – 2028. Four key issues were discussed: (1) PEFC is an effective and strong global alliance with a culture of responsibility and co-operation; (2) PEFC demonstrates key sustainability impacts for sustainable forestry and responsible procurement; (3) PEFC leads in innovative, cost-effective, and diversified solutions; (4) PEFC is globally recognized as a forest-based solutions to a sustainable world.

The Vietnam Forest Certification Office (VFCO) as the representative of the host country made a recognized and practical contribution to the workshop.

Member countries will strengthen cooperation and create the best conditions to achieve the objectives of the APAC HUB Strategy to promote sustainable forest management and the development of Forest Certification Scheme in their countries.

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