Sustainable forest and farm development adapting to climate change

On 2nd August 2022, in Hoa Binh City, the Management Board of “The Forest and Farm Facility II (FFF II)” – Vietnam Farmer’s Association collaboration with Hoa Binh Provincial Farmer’s Association organized a workshop to share experiences in building a network of forest and farm production organizations.

FFF phase II program is implemented in Vietnam in the period 2019-2025 with the support of FAO, IIED, IUCN and AgriCord. The program is implemented in 5 provinces: Yen Bai, Hoa Binh, Bac Kan, Son La and Thai Nguyen with the participation of 16 communes in 11 districts. The program focuses on capacity building for forest and farm producer organizations (FFPOs), households, women, youngth and ethnics develop forestry production and businesses, agro-forestry, activities to boost revenue from forest ecosystem, and sustainable poverty reduction and adapting to climate change of which the sustainable forest management and forest certification are the main concern.

At the workshop, the representative of the Vietnam Forest Certification Office shared information about the situation of sustainable forest management and forest certification in Vietnam, the Vietnam Forest Certification Scheme’s organizational structure and operations, the conformity of the Sustainable Forest Management Standards with forest smallholders who are farmers and the models of forest certification for farmers’ groups that can be implemented in practice. Participants who are the members of FFF Management Board, local forest management agencies, processing and consuming forest products enterprises, representatives of farmers’ associations at the grassroots level shared about the current situation and market opportunities, expressed their support and necessity to implement sustainable forest management and forest certification under the Vietnam Forest Certification Scheme..

In the coming time, VFCO will coordinate with the FFF to implement VFCS/PEFC forest certification models for small households, which focuses on capacity building for technical staff who will be facilitators at commune and district levels of the FFF program.

At the same time, strengthen the capacity of farmers’ organizations to operate effectively, provide better services, advice and support to members, farmers and participate in the policy advocacy process.



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