Training Experts for Forest Management Certification

Implementing training plans, building capacity to implement sustainable forest management certification for assessment organizations and stakeholders, VFCO organized an online “Specialized Training on Assessors and Auditors to Implement VFCS/PEFC Forest Certification Services in Viet Nam” from November 22-25, 2021. The training course was supported by PEFC and had 35 participating students from more than 20 organizations,  taught and supported by seven domestic and international lecturers and experts. The lecturers are leading officials from national and international certification, accreditation, and management organizations related to forest management and certification in Vietnam.

The training course focused on topics includes VFCS/PEFC ST 1003:2019 Sustainable Forest Management Standards, VFCS/PEFC Group Forest Management Standards ST 1004:2019, Regulations on the use of the PEFC trademark ST 2001:2020 mark, and the management system assessment guide VFCS/PEFC GD 1009:2019: ISO 19011:2018. These are the essential documents for training professional and quality auditors for Vietnam’s sustainable management forest certification services.

The trainees were provided with sufficient information and materials to master the form and content before the training. During the training, the interactivity of the course was compelling when the discussion was lively and open based on the direct questions of the participants. At the end of the course, each student took part in a transparent and fair test, according to international practices, to be certified and awarded a certificate when reaching the required score. The survey results and evaluation of the training faculty showed positive feedback from the participants about the quality ad effectiveness of this training course. The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) continuously organizes training activities for Forest Certification Organizations under the PEFC system. Information on training courses and events shall be regularly updated on VFCO’s website.

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